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Internet Survey Results

June 21, 2011

Survey Results: Primary School Teachers, Internet and Sharing of Digital Material

We received 13 responses to our recent survey with

The survey was only publicised through Twitter, and was left open for three days.

Nearly have the respondents used the internet daily for lesson preparation (42.6%), another third (30.8%) used it roughly every second day.

By far the most-used website of the seven listed was seomraranga (84.6%); half the respondents used Twitter, and as many again used More made use of (38.5%) than Facebook (30.8%). The other two sites listed in the question were (15.4%) and TES Connect (23.1%).

Obviously, some very important sites were omitted from the question (it shows that this is my first such survey, and  that it was prepared in very short time…): Of the 8 people (61.5%) who followed the invitation to mention other websites they use, and get three mentions each;, and YouTube, two; and one mention each for,, and  One respondent also mentioned Google, though I suspect that had I mentioned YouTube and Google in the list, a very high percentage would have ticked that box!

The ease of finding material was seen as most important, followed by the visual presentation of the material, the relevance of the material to the Irish primary curriculum and the ease of modifying material to suit your own needs.  The actual amount of material was also seen as important, but less emphatically so.

92.3% of those who took the survey do create digital material themselves for use in the classroom; nearly all do share with others, but while some two thirds do so directly (email, memory stick etc.), only 25% do so on websites such as Mash or Seomraranga.

So – a high percentage of Twitter-using Irish primary teachers use the internet daily or nearly daily for their lesson preparations; nearly all of them create their own digital material, but only one in four (in our small sample) is sharing this material online.

The next question to be pursued might be: What are the barriers to online sharing? I’d have a good few ideas, from concerns over legal issues, lack of confidence especially with subjects such  as Irish, and unwillingness to share without being able to expect something back in return… However, this will have to wait for another day.

Finally, thanks to all who contributed to this survey and thus helped to initiate me to SurveyMonkey!


  1. It’s taken me ages to respond to this post and despite a small sample, it’s encouraging to hear that teachers are sharing their resources. has just been relaunched to allow teachers to share more types of resources so I would invite you and your readers to try it out.

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