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The internet and Irish primary-school teachers

June 21, 2011

Last weekend, it seemed time to start using the internet more seriously, and I decided to set up my first online survey.

Having replied to a few surveys myself, I wanted to see how straightforward that route would be.

So…. a couple of hours later, I was able to tweet the existence of the survey to my Twitter contacts, many of whom passed it on. It was fascinating to see how the survey moved and meandered through Twitterland; and I ended up with a manageable number of responses. I’m very pleased that all but one who took the survey answered all questions, and the one person who did not do so was involved in third-level, so that was OK, it was not because of the questionnaire!

I’d love to try this SurveyMonkey thing in future with classes, it’d be great to gauge understanding, interests etc., and classes could carry out their own online surveys. Fascinating thought!

I’ll post the results here soon (this is also my first-ever serious blog entry, so a week of firsts, it seems).

Thanks to all who took part, be it re-tweeting or taking the survey!


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