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Fun school things

August 3, 2011

One of the advantages of digital cameras is that they make it easy to record children’s work. PhotoStory3 lets you turn your photos into mini-videos. And WordPress plus Picasa / YouTube help you share those videos!

I really enjoyed working with a 5th and a 2nd class making Space Art. (Do look at the Space Art videos!)

A space alien (5th class)

2nd class: Rockets (oil pastels)

Growing peas with a 4th class was fascinating. There’s a video for that too: Peas Video.

And one last example – we had a Science day, full of hands-on fun (again, 4th class). The Science Day video is here!

PS: I’m still experimenting with the blog and its possibilities for teachers to share experiences. Comments are very much appreciated!


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  1. Really liking the posts on your Blog. As an Art Teacher, I especially liked the Alien Art.
    Looking forward to more posts.

    • Thanks, Fred!
      I hope to add more as I get a chance. Love teaching Arts… the clay aliens were really good, very imaginative, those kids.

  2. Great videos and pics Sabine!! Keep it up!

  3. Mary Kellaghan permalink

    Hi Sabine, I think your peas from peas video is a great idea. I have 4th next year and can’t wait to start growing things with them! My dad got an allotment in Skerries this year and he has grown courgettes, beetroot, onions, potatoes, sweetcorn, radishes. Thanks for the peas idea! I would love to start a class blog in September. Congrats on your blog! Maith thú!

    • Thanks for your comments, Mary!
      Yes, growing the peas was a great project. Some kids weren’t all that sure how peas grew, asking after a while could we dig them up yet… they were probably thinking of carrots.
      Others tried the leaves. Courageous lot…
      Potatoes are also great for school gardens, you can even grow them in a tub, and it’s fascinating for children to see what grows from one potato. Or, indeed, from a few peas….

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