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I got boomwhacked – and I liked it!

August 15, 2011

Picture twenty adults sitting in a circle, each holding two coloured plastic tubes in their hands, which they whack together rhythmically, humming along, thus creating a C-major chord… and me thinking: I can’t wait to try this with a class, they’ll find it so much fun and that it sounds really cool!


This week, I’m attending Simply Music’s teacher training course in the National Concert Hall in Dublin’s city centre, and after the first day, I’m going home itching to get my hands on my netbook, my son, a free software called Audacity and a few percussion instruments to try out at least some of the many ideas we got during the day.

I’ll blog along as the week moves on, so come back tomorrow to see how we got on… Paul and Síle, who are running the course, encouraged us to bring in any instruments we might have at home, so that should be great fun. (More about the course, and Paul and Síle, tomorrow!)

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  1. Dear Sabine,

    Can you ask re what it means when people say ‘he/she has an ‘ear’ for music’??. I love your blogs but need to know which ear it is that does the musical thing! Has it something to do with what side of the brain that works?! There is a specific ‘Listening Programme’ which benefits autistic children. Apparently, it plays various sound volumes that can calm and soothe the mind. Part of the Davis programme. Would be interested to know what the tutors think. Keep blogging! Still trying (should try harder) to master the guitar here despite being a most accomplished flautist.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on!

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