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Confidence brings confidence… and lots of fun!

August 18, 2011

Today, the fourth day of Simply Music‘s five-day teacher-training programme in the NCH Dublin, was the most musically active yet, and saw us try loads of different songs, adding percussion and other accompaniments and enjoying ourselves thoroughly in the process.

Síle Daly, oboist, and Paul Maher, percussionist

It’s amazing and encouraging how much fun can be had just singing a simple African-style chant in three parts… I recorded us, and didn’t do anything to the file other than loading it into Audioboo, so it’s here for you to listen to, should you so choose.

So what I took away from today’s workshop was that it is easy building up confidence in your own musical abilities, and that enjoyment follows this newly-won confidence. Elementary, dear Watson, Sherlock H. would say, but a point worth making because if we want the kids in our classrooms to enjoy their music lessons, we must let them…. make music!

PS: As always, we did lots more, but I’m just writing down whatever stuck most in my memory at the end of the day. More tomorrow – I hope!

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