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Must make more music!

August 20, 2011

The 5-day music workshop with Simply Music is history, no more trips into the National Concert Hall for me, no more train rides and cycle trips on a Dublin bike, no more flat whites with no lid, no more chats with those wonderful people who also attended it. I’ll miss that.

But what I won’t have to miss, because I’ll just make sure I’ll get much more of it in future, is the music! I want to re-activate my instruments, for starters, my old guitar, my piano music, my recorder. More!

I also have a lot of ideas to try in the classroom – I’ll be making more use of rounds, more use of body percussion and percussion instruments, and loads more use of tuned percussion.  Through doing it ourselves, we saw how easy and effective it can be to add accompaniment to songs. If you do it right, that is! You do need to be shown how to play a tambourine, maraca, triangle properly, so that you can show the children. The music you’ll be making will be a lot better for this!

All that wonderful music-making will need to be recorded, and after this course, I’ll be more confident using software to work with the recordings afterwards. I’ll  be making a lot more use of technology that I either already had, without ever paying any attention to it (Windows Movie Maker), or that I downloaded (Audacity, my trial version of MixCraft 5).

So – lots of interesting insights, lots of music made by us, lots of technology ideas. And a full week of blogging – from now on, new posts on Sabine’s Musings will be less frequent. I’m already thinking about the next topic. We’ll spend the next four days on board a cruiser on Lough Erne, so that might be worth writing about…. who knows?!


PS (01/Sep/2011): This is us and Paul Maher’s software playing Ravel’s Bolero!

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  1. I should have done that course too Sabine! Roll on the Samba….! Loving the blogs!

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