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Cloud it up with Wordle!

August 30, 2011

Just playing around with Wordle lets you make word clouds of texts, or of websites, and words’ size is based on how often they occur. What does this say about my blog, apart from that I may have been on a course to do with music / percussion?

Wordle of my Blog created today

If you haven't, you should try Wordle! Kids love it, for instance if you ask them to write between five and ten adjectives to describe themselves, and to write the adjectives once if they are somewhat important, twice if they are pretty important, and three times if they are very, very important. Plugged into the website, it could look like this: 

Have fun!

One Comment
  1. Wordle is great, we used it last year in class when we were studying data to creat visual representations of some survey results: is another similar site which is also excellent.

    Great post Sabine, keep up the blogging!

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