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Sounding out workshops for Skerries Soundwaves

June 1, 2013


The Soundwaves logo

Imagine you’re in Skerries, that beautiful seaside town. It’s September, and Soundwaves, the annual arts & music festival is on. And this year, the organisers have arranged for a number of workshops – no, not for kids this time, but for people like you. Grownups, you see. What do you think, what workshops should be on offer?

I’m wondering this because I’m one of those organisers, and it’s my job this year to look after those workshops. I thought I’d best ask first what people would like to do.

Here are some ideas to start the ball rolling. Basically, anything that has some creative element could be included…

For one afternoon, would you like to a taste of any of the following activities?


        Card-making (not just for Christmas)

        Creating digital photo books (bring your laptop)

        Digital creativity on your laptop or tablet

        Digital photography


        Juggling [that’s one I tried before, and it was brilliant – see my blog entry on it if you like!]

        Making balloon animals (very useful for parents)

        Origami (Japanese-style paper folding)

        Paint a plate or mug



        Singing in a choir

        The creative side of Minecraft (bring your laptop)


I’m hoping for lots of comments below on what you would like to do, and on what you think others might enjoy.

  1. I’d love to sing in a choir for an afternoon. We could learn something nice and easy, but that sounds impressive!

  2. Drama, of course!!
    Skerries Theatre Group

  3. Janet Weldon permalink

    All of above sound great. Maybe, Flower arranging, cookery demo, knitting or crochet class. Dog show . Tho my dog would win he’s the cutest. Hehe

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