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Five things I love doing in Skerries

July 25, 2013

Skerries, just North of Dublin, on the rugged Fingal coast… there are so many things to do here!

Five that I just love are:

(1.)  Going for a walk – just around Red Island, or maybe following the full Slí na Sláinte (“Path of Health” – signposted walking route), which would take about an hour. How lucky are we that we can exercise in such surroundings?

A row of pretty houses overlooking Skerries Harbour.

Skerries Harbour is part of the Slí na Sláinte.

(2.) Feeling even more energetic, I might go for a spin on the bike, perhaps out to Loughshinny (some 5 km / 3 miles South along the coast).

  1. A cyclist, a meadow, an old farm house and the sea.

    Looking out over the sea just before reaching Lougshinny.

(3.) Thinking of all that exercise makes me long for cappuccino and muffins (or, since I’m trying to be more health-minded these days, for a fruit smoothie). Skerries has a great selection of coffee shops and delicatessens. Meet a friend or just sit and watch the world go by!

Café life on Strand Street

Enjoying the sunshine outside Olive’s, Strand Street.

(4.) Or I might just sit on a bench on South Beach. Or go paddle in the sea. I don’t do either of these things enough!
View of Skerries beach

Red Island with the Martello Tower in the background. This was taken around 10 a.m. one July morning (2013).

(5.) Then again, I might treat myself to ice cream with sprinkles, or even  crepes… again, Skerries has a choice of places!

The ice cream shop "Storm in a Teacup"

This is one of the various places where you can ice creams in Skerries.

Actually, that trip to Loughshinny mentioned above, which we last did a short while ago, is an easy cycle with just a few ups and downs – take the first of the two possible left turns towards Loughshinny (in 2000, this was marked as the start of the Millennium Walk), to go down the beautiful narrow road on the picture, then go across to the harbour and beach. Take a break there. When you have cycled back to Skerries, you’re probably ready for another treat!

Bike and  country lane in the sunshine.

My bike and the lane down to the village of Loughshinny. A touring cyclist’s dream!

So what are your favourite things to do in Skerries? Please do share in the Comments! It might give me a few new ideas…

  1. Hi Sabine, great post. Biking sounds like a great way to see Skerries. 🙂 I went on Saturday, the weather was gorgeous. I loved Skerries Mills, have you been?

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