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Social Media Success Summit 2013

October 9, 2013

I’m morphing more and more into a social-media practitioner and am truly enjoying this. Great example: The opportunity to manage the online presence of Skerries Soundwaves, our town’s music  and arts festival, last month!

Soundwaves site

At the moment, I’m virtually (as in: online, not in real life) attending a four-week summit hosted by The Social Media Examiner, based in the US. It’s fascinating stuff, and I’ll write some more about it in the near future, but for today just let me say:

  • It eats up three of my nights each week – and I feel I’m lucky because if I was in the States, this would be bang in the middle of my day, and I wouldn’t be able to attend!
  • It fills my head with lots of new ideas.
  • I’ve made a lot of new connections, some on LinkedIn and some on Twitter, and I’m particularly enjoying the Twitter conversations between presentations (#SMSS13)
  • There is a badge!

I'm attending Social Media Success Summit!

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