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18 Social Media Blogs Worth Reading

November 11, 2013

I follow blogs. I particularly read blogs that give me insights into the world of digital marketing, social media and trends relevant to the internet in general. I like subscribing to blogs by email. I scan what’s on, then click into it if there’s anything I’m interested in further. So, for your convenience and perusal, here is my list of Social Media & Related Blogs Worth Reading:

Social Media in general (6)

Social Media Examiner logo: An explorer looking out at you

  1. If you only subscribe to one blog / podcast, then subscribe to this. Mike Stelzner is the guy who started SocialMediaExaminer, now the largest Social Media blog in the world, with more than 225,000 subscribers. I love their podcasts in particular. Every week, Mike gives his listeners first an overview of what’s happening, you know, new developments in Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest etc., then he talks briefly about some things he’s involved in, before transitioning (a word he loves) to the main beef of the podcast, an in-depth interview with someone who is invariable the biggest name in his or her field. You could nearly safe yourself the time and effort of following all the other blogs on Social Media – reading the blogs and listening to the podcast, you’ll be pretty well informed about what’s going on. Marvellous.
  2. Boom Social – Kim Garst writes blogs on social media and online marketing. She offers “result-driven social media training” to SMEs in particular. Snappy titles and blogs that give concrete advice, aimed at people who may not have a marketing training but still need to get their message out there. And she looks at a wide range of channels. “5 Ways to Get Traffic from Instagram.” – “25 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog.” – “How to Make Money with Your Website.”  – “8 ways to Create Content Google Will Devour.” Have a look for yourself. I think it’s nicely straightforward; a lot of it seems common sense, but no harm to be reminded.
  3. “Social Media Today is an independent, online community for professionals in PR, marketing, advertising, or any other discipline where a thorough understanding of social media is mission-critical. Every day, we provide insight and host lively debate about the tools, platforms, companies and personalities that are revolutionizing the way we consume information. All of our content is contributed by our members and curated by our editorial staff.” And they send you a weekly email, simply click on the Email icon (top right-hand corner, with the other sharing icons). Neat overview and summary of the week’s best articles on Social Media Today. Why not start blogging for them yourself?!
  4. Rick Mulready writes in an easy-going, personal style. His content is focused on Social Media; you can sign up to his email newsletter and download a free EBook (I did, but haven’t opened it yet – is that what happens with most of these free downloads, I wonder?). He also does “The Inside Social Media Podcast,” where he interviews practitioners from a large selection of industries, large (Red Bull, Taco Bell), small and B2B.
  5. Jeff Bullas covers everything social. He often comes to things from a blogger’s point of view and says himself: “The blog’s focus is to assist business in “getting found online” in a digital world and making your company visible and successful on a crowded web.” Useful, if not the most entertaining. Oh, and he too offers a free ebook in return for your subscription.
  6. Ian Cleary’s RazorSocial specialises in social-media tools. No-frills, text-only weekly email with a short list of summaries of articles on RazorSocial, and of course links to the full articles. Plus a hot tip with a link to a specific tool that looks useful. Guess what you get if you subscribe? Yep, an ebook. This time, one on Social Media Tools. Makes sense to me…

Social Media by channel (3)

Mari Smith Facebook Marketing Expert

  1. Mari Smith. Can’t beat her on Facebook! Actually, having said that, I do follow her on Facebook, too. Her emails are more detailed, her Facebook posts are up-to-the-second insights and seem to give you information on new features in real time. She often puts on free webinars, which are interesting not just for their content but also for the technology she uses. She also picks three resources, blog posts, articles, tools… every week and sends them out in her “Social Scoop” update. Mari seems to delight in trying out new tools, and in sharing her experiences with her audience. And she firmly believes that if used right, Facebook is a great place to be for businesses.
  2.–i-1.asp Viveka von Rosen shares her insights into LinkedIn Marketing. She sends out short emails to her mailing list, containing tips and checklists intended to ensure that you present yourself and / or your company on LinkedIn in a way that gets results. Her weekly blog helps to stay on top of changes in LinkedIn, but also offers specific tips e.g. for the legal profession, on prospecting on LinkedIn, and on the connection between likeability and LinkedIn. Intrigued? See for yourself!–i-281.asp
  3. Cynthia Sanchez covers everything to do with Pinterest  in her weekly blog – from inspirations for pins to analyzing the bounce rate of traffic to your website that comes from Pinterest. Informative, in-depth, useful.

Marketing (online, mainly; 3)

Photo of Jay Baer

  1. Jay Baer wrote one of the big hits in the 2013 social media / online marketing world, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype. He is also president of Convince & Convert and writes most of their blogs. Subscribe and collect a free ebook… a useful (youseful?) one, one would hope! Their daily One Thing email is great, highlighting one social media or content marketing story daily. Nicely presented, clean design and useful information. Try it for yourself. When you sign up for Convince and Convert, you’ll receive the daily newsletter, too. And Jay’s “Baer Facts” is worth looking at, too. Plus there’s the Social Pros Podcast, where Jay and Jeffrey Rohrs (from ExactTarget) focus on “real people doing real work in social media”
  2. Jonah Berger is one of my marketing heroes. He wrote a book about the way ideas spread, aptly named Contagious, which I listened to very recently (audiobooks, gotta love ’em, especially when you don’t find much time for paper-based reading…) He is an academic, of the most approachable, sense-making type, and his theories are actually backed up by facts. Statistics. You can subscribe to his blog, where he shares clear and concise tips on how to make your marketing more – yep: contagious. And subscription also lets you access some resources, for instance an ebook. What can I say… This one I did look at: The “Craft Contagious Content” workbook.
  3. Jamie Turner sends out short, snappy, opinionated pieces about what’s happening in the online marketing world. QR Code is dead! Facebook advertising is a waste of time! Agree? Disagree? The discussions in the comments are often as entertaining and interesting as the blog post itself.
  4. Weekly round-up of their articles. This is HubSpot – so the insights are deep, detailed, and very, very useful. I liked their recent article on writing a video script – from a marketing perspective. It’s a long list every week, so you’ll have to pick and choose what’s most important to you.

For Entrepreneurs (2)

Photo of Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

  1. Do we all need to become savvy about marketing, whether our job title has “marketing” in it or not? Derek Halpern believes that ” smart entrepreneurs and executives who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST become master marketers, persuaders, and salesmen.” He produces short quirky videos where he talks about social triggers, about things that make people want to spend money on your products. Quite entertaining, really. Subscribe to his newsletter, and you’ll get an email every time he’s published a new video – with a few more remakrs and insights and so on. No ebook. Is that good or bad, I wonder?
  2.  Are you a mediapreneur? Do you have a blog, web show, podcast etc. that you want to use to generate income? Then David Siteman Garland might have some interesting insights for you. He produces a video every Thursday, usually an interview with a “mediapreneur” or a training video with his take on topics like information product marketing plans, tips for using Facebook for your next product launch, or guest blogging “like a boss.” David is a likable guy, entertaining to watch and always upbeat.  If sentences like the following two make you cringe, this is not for you – if you find the content exciting, it is! “So, my biggest, most awesome kick-ass digital program Create Awesome Online Courses: The proven step-by-step system for creating, promoting & profiting from online courses launches Tuesday morning (after over a year of research, planning and other fun stuff). Yes, I just said awesome twice in one sentence.”

Other Topics (4)

Fast Company

  1. report on what’s happening in the world of design and “leadership.” Slightly different from your Digital Marketing newsletters, and I enjoy the sleek presentation and different angle on product development, office architecture, workflow management and, above all, creativity in many, many guises. You can choose from a total of seven newsletters, and opt for daily or weekly updates.  I particularly like the daily commentary signed @HisWalrus, a humorous, perceptive, fast-moving commentary from a Walrus’s point of view (seriously, you’ve got to read it!) – from the pen, err, keyboard of “Professor Walrus AKA Clay Andres, Editor@Large.” Tick the box next to Co.Labs Daily to receive this nugget!
  2. SearchCap – Daily Search News: They keep an eye on changes in search results, and on related industry news. A bit dry, but very informative: Headlines and summaries. I like their linked list of “Recent Headlines from Marketing Land” (their sister site), which they include at the bottom. Saves me subscribing to that as well…
  3. The PCMagazine has a very useful email roundup of what’s happening in the world of technology. Scroll half-way down on their home page, and you can subscribe by email to different areas, such as Small Business, Security, Build It… I feel it adds a touch of tech to my inbox!

A Word of Warning

These are my favourite blogs. I have subscribed to a good few more.

Can you actually keep up with that many blogs, I hear you ask.

And the answer is: No, or only at a high cost.

Subscribe to a good few at first, then see which ones you are actually getting benefit from – and ditch the rest.

Use your time well!

And now leave a comment here to let us know what your favourite blog is. Maybe I’ll add it to my 18…

  1. Michael McKenna permalink

    Good info and good advice to start wide and narrow down, thanks.

  2. Thanks so much Sabrina. Heck of a good list, and delighted to be a part of it.

  3. Great job Sabine. I am delighted that a question in the classroom was a catalyst for such a great post. A great list and lovely valuable resource worth bookmarking.

    • Thanks Greg! I enjoyed going through all the blogs I follow. Good mix of informative and entertaining ones, I think…

  4. Aww Sabine, you totally rock — what a superb resource!! Thanks heaps for the mention! xx

  5. Amazing list, and delighted to be a part of it. Thanks Sabine!!

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