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Keep it personal, keep it real.

May 28, 2014

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone on Social Media, it would have to be this: Keep it personal, keep it real!

I love it when I can sense the person behind a post. And when posting on behalf of a festival, community organisation, or company – why not sign with your first name? I’ve started doing that.

Signing Facebook Posts


When it seems that an update was prompted by someone seeing / doing / discovering something they’d like to share.

When it was sent out for a different reason than “Our Facebook publishing schedule demanded a visual update.” or “According to our Twitter schedule, we had to push out some video.”

Don’t send out “some” video – share the video you love!

And while I’m at it… don’t push your Facebook posts out through Twitter. Twitter only allows 140 characters, most Facebook updates are longer, and all you end up with is a link to your Facebook post.

No-one likes truncated tweets, and I doubt that many click on the link to see what it is you posted on Facebook…

People do like seeing pictures on Twitter, though!

Part of a Twitter feed

@FingalCoCo you’re doing it right!

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