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Six reasons why you should use your YouTube channel more – Nuggets from a Google Breakfast Briefing

July 27, 2014
  1. YouTube is where your organisation or business can get found! YouTube is now the second-biggest search engine, especially in the How To… / DIY area.A list of YouTube search suggestions: "How to..."
  2. YouTube users actively share content – and even more so in this country: Irish people are 25% more likely than their UK and US counterparts to share a video. 58% of them share YouTube videos they saw. Humour is particularly popular here – the most shared video in Ireland in 2013 was this one featuring a certain confused elephant with a Cork accent: Still of Sminky Shorts: Elephant
  3. You have a lot more freedom than if producing ads for television, e.g. as far as length of a video is concerned, so why not tell the story of your business in a few minutes and let viewers decide if they want to see it all.
  4. You can get great insights into your viewers and what makes them tick using YouTube Trends. Or even better, you can establish what people are searching for on YouTube – and then create videos about relevant search terms in your industry! This is what American YouTube-celebrity and video blogger Michelle Phan does for her hugely popular make-up tips. YouTube 02
  5. It’s fun, good value, and very engaging. (Ooops, that’s three reasons in one. Let’s focus on the “good value” bit so.) For instance, there’s the video made by the Dollar Shave Club for some $7,000 – more than 15 million views. There’s bound to be a good few new customers for them in that 15 million!!! If you haven’t seen this video yet – do. Trust me. YouTube 03
  6. And then when you have a good video, you can use it for a few cents per view as a skippable pre-roll ad on YouTube – these ads can be any length, and the advertiser only pays if the viewer decides not to skip it. Irish advertisers typically pay between 8 and 12 cents per view – highly targetted advertising. While we’re on the subject, please please stay away from non-skippable pre-roll ads! The presenter, Ruth McEntee, said it’s a receding trend (let’s hope she’s right), and estimated 20% of advertisers opt for it. If they are anything like me, viewers will simply end up resenting the company the no-skip ad is for…

Google Logo on stage

These nuggets were gleaned from last Friday’s Google Breakfast Meeting, 25 July 2014, in Dublin. It was an excellent event, lead very ably by Ruth McEntee, Industry Manager, YouTube Ireland.

Ruth McEntee on stage

Ruth McEntee on stage.

Have you heard of the Google Breakfast Meetings? On the last Friday of each month, from February to November 2014, Google Ireland organises an informative talk (preceded by croissants and fresh fruit) for Irish businesses, in an attempt to help them increase their online presence. It said that an estimated €3.7bn was spent by Irish consumers online in 2012, however 73pc of that was spent on overseas websites.  Ample scope for growth there!

To be able to attend the breakfast briefings, send an email to asking to be put on their mailing list. You’ll get an invitation to register on the first Friday of the month – and you’d better respond fast, as tickets to the events (in The Foundry, in Google’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarter, Barrow Street, Dublin) are usually snapped up in under two hours.

The author on the right. Not great at taking selfies.

The author on the right. Not great at taking selfies.

Ruth shared a number of excellent resources with us – just two here for you: YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificent Success on that very useful website Occam’s Razor by Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik

The YouTube Creator Playbook – – according to itself, “a great resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube.”

The audience chatting after the presentation.

Networking after the event.

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