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About me

That's me in March 2013

I’m an Online Consultant and Social Media Manager based in Skerries, Co. Fingal, 30 min North of Dublin city centre.

I’m also a Digital Educator, mainly working with children aged 8-14 (Coding using Scratch, Digital Media, Keyboard & General Computing Skills) with creative computing classes Skerries.

A qualified primary teacher with an interest in (nearly) all things internet, including blogging (at it since 21 June 2011, on and off), I taught for 4 years in temporary positions in schools in North County Dublin. In other previous lives, I was a civil servant (with the Irish government), a tour guide (showing Ireland to German tourists), and a stay-at-home mother. Born in Sande, Friesland (Northern Germany), I studied in Göttingen, St Patrick’s College Maynooth and University College Dublin, with Hibernia College, and more recently with the Digital Marketing Institute and the  University of Limerick (Digital Media Development for Education).

I am also a Minecraft and Scratch Coding fan, which I hope to bring to children worldwide with


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